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Project Statement

In developing a redesign for San Jose’s city brand and wayfinding system, we want to improve the overall quality of everyones journey experience in San Jose. We did this by prompting higher usage of its way finding system through great design campaign.


Another problem is overall lack of knowledge. Our solution is to create a more expansive brand that is visually consistent and cohesive with the livelihood of residents, and engages with the public.


The idea behind our brand is to verbally highlight the tone of the urban city and brilliant lifestyles of San Jose through use of our new slogan; “So San Jose”. This short catchphrase should bring a quick understanding of the bold city life while carrying a fun and trendy aspect to San Jose’s identity.

With a new implementation of technology, color, and plethora of wayfinding, we hope to solve this current issue. The current branding of San Jose sends across the message to gear people to discover their journey through the city, it doesn’t fully encapsulate the vibrancy and diverse cultural attractions here in San Jose. There is a weak and limited brand which doesn’t make use of the city space which continues to grow every day.


We choose to use bright and vibrant colors which we felt represented the culture in Downtown San Jose. These were the main colors we used in all our signage and kiosk designs to further reinforce our branding.




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